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We introduced AdWords 17 years ago to help businesses, large and small, get online and connect with customers around the world. Although a lot has changed since then, our mission remains the same. We want AdWords to work for everyone, whether you’re a coffee shop or a global agency.

The new AdWords provides a faster and more intuitive experience that’s focused on helping you reach your goals, like creating campaigns based on your business goals or using keyboard shortcuts to navigate your account faster. Now, all the features you rely on to run your business are available in the new experience—from remarketing lists for search ads to Google Analytics columns to the Keyword Planner.

                         The new Keyword Planner
We’ve also made lots of improvements based on your feedback. Just to name a few: find features faster with more intuitive icons, hide and unhide paused or removed items, and see more of your performance data by expanding the statistics table.

Switching to the new AdWords

Now that you have everything you need, the new AdWords will become the exclusive way to manage your accounts by the end of the year, and access to the previous experience will no longer be available. Prior to the switch, you’ll get an email with the information and resources you need to prepare, so we encourage you to update your contact information. Note that we won’t switch accounts during the busy holiday months of November and December.
To help make this switch as easy as possible, your reports, filters and automated rules will be automatically moved from the previous experience to the new one.* In the meantime, feel free to familiarize yourself with the new experience using the resources below.

Getting ready

To help you hit the ground running once you make the switch to the new experience, check out this toolbox of useful information:

  • Take the guided tour. This should be the first thing you see when you switch to the new experience.
  • Review the quick reference map to quickly find the most commonly used features in the new experience.
  • Bookmark the ‘new AdWords experience’ section of the Help Center, which has been updated to help you navigate all the new features.

Thank you

Whether you’ve been advertising for 17 years or 17 days, thank you for helping us make AdWords what it is today. Please share your feedback so we can continue to build products to help you grow your business.

Some features and reports won’t be available in the new AdWords experience. You’ll receive notifications and helpful resources a few weeks before any features and reports are moved.